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II P.U.C Board Exams

P.U.C is always considered as the toughest hurdle to cross. The student has to put lots of hard work to cross this hurdle. Well planned studies, regular revisions will make this goal easier. Answering preparatory exams also plays a crucial role in scoring good marks in final tests. Exam 24x7.com is launching a preparatory exam series for II P.U.C science students. The students can answer physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology papers separately. The question papers are set by veteran professors from reputed colleges who have also served in the P.U.board examination cell. The students can answer preparatory exams by filling up the registration form available at exams 24x7.com . Once this registration process is completed students will get a question paper with instructions. Time allocated is 3 hour. Once the allotted time is over, they will get the same question paper with right answers and the explanations for the answers with references as to the source from where they have been taken.

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